“No Magic Wand touched Steve Jobs that did not also Touch you!”

On May 30th, communications expert Roy Terry, brought new thinking that captivated a select group of entrepreneurs in Mountain View.  It was “this immediate, idea of transforming my presence that hooked me,” said Kaeya M., a former Shark Tank presenter.

“Instead of starting with an overview or problem claim, with SPLASH, we immediately take the listener into a future world, that’s both exciting and tantalizingly. Ordinary pitching retards impact because it’s too detailed and boring. We need a new model of how to attract fans, and investors and the Hollywood trailer is a good starting model,” he said.

What makes splash work?  “Well, It’s more than getting people wet!” he quipped. And creating a big impression with the tools he’s built is much quicker, more fun and applies to any venture. Literally, from the neighborhood realtor to Google’s latest tools.

The secret comes in several parts that Roy detailed in his keynote:

  1. Stop being over-focused on grinding milestones like a web launch, and IGNORING your needs to capture mind and imagination.
  2. Break free and let your imagination fly? Where’s your MOJO? Are you stuck with naive inhibitions about being bold and building momentum? and most of all,
  3. Are you willing to create a new world for your target audience? Not just to say the innovation but to let us experience it. For example, Airbnb’s page for a long time featured, “Welcome to your new home!”  That’s creating a new world instantly.

What does real Splash! take? “Mainly just courage to learn”, says Roy

He noted templates and craft techniques proven with the people he has trained. He further explained that the so-called intangibles like authority, power, and presence are not special gifts (as the Steve Jobs fans might think). But rather are approachable, learnable, and repeatable methods.

With this speech, the audience realized we now have steps to make a splash that’s positive, memorable, and actionable. Making a splash, repeatable, across events, people and expectations is the highest leverage way to get attention leading to traction.

When people fall in love with your story, they never forget.