Meet our 2019-2020 Club Officers

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Treasurer, VP PR, Secretary and Sargent at arms from left to right!

In the last blog post we introduced you to the 3 most indispensable officers in any club: President, VP of Education and VP of Membership.  And now we present the rest of the officers elected:

Vice-President of Public Relations: Pat Christianson

Pat has over 20 years in Marketing. She is passionate about sustainability and leadership development. She has helped startups, helped rising non-profits and is playing with the corporate life. She has been a member from the Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs TM Club since 2013. 

Treasurer: Lourdes Chiong

She prefers to be in stealth mode

Secretary: Yoon Cho

Yoon Cho has been a member of the SVETC for five years and works as a certified Iyengar yoga teacher.

Sargent-at-arms: Ron Pong

Ron has been with the club for over 6 years, and he has been a contestant in many Humorous and Evaluation contests in our division. His most famous impersonation is that of an Android, and has a great story about a giant cat.

Please say hello to our officers and ask them all about their roles when you attend our next meeting. You could be an officer-in-training and start developing leadership skills at a different level!

For more information on the roles, refer to this post

Meet our 2019-2020 Club Officers

SVETC New Officers

On the last meeting of the Toastmaster Year, is a tradition to install the New Club Officers at the end of the session.

Earlier this month, we gave a high level overview of each of the Seven Officer Roles. And now it’s time to meet our new elected officers:

President: Roy Terry

Roy is a tech veteran with over 30 years’ experience in Silicon Valley as software developer, project lead, and consultant. Mr. Terry has been training and coaching communication in the Silicon Valley since 1995 and past clients include Hewlett Packard and Oracle Corporation. Roy is experienced as a public speaker, NLP practitioner, and also incorporates relevant knowledge and practice from cognitive science, social influence, stage acting, standup, and improv.

Vice-President of Education: Kelly K. Hughes

Kelly is a UX Design Manager at a local technology company.  She has been involved with the Toastmasters organization since 2006, most recently with SVETC since 2015. She credits the Toastmasters program with helping her develop the communication and leadership skills necessary to advance her career.

Vice-President of Membership: Matt McCormick

Matt is the Immediate Past President of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club and a member of two years. He has aspirations of public speaking in the future and currently works as an independent personal trainer in the Mountain View/Los Altos area. Matt has built a hybrid leadership and athletic program aimed at improving 6th-8th grader’s communication skills and creating strong exercise habits. He spends his free time having outdoor and food adventures with his wife and dog.

In our next blog, we will introduce you to the last 4 officer roles.

For more information on the roles, refer to this post

Officer Roles and Leadership Development

SVETC elections

June and July for Toastmasters International are a busy period of transition and preparation. The New Toastmaster year starts on July 1st. New Leadership, at all levels of the organization, take over the club, area, division, district and organization as a whole. And these transitions happen seamlessly. The guiding principle for all this change is the Brand Promise:

Empowering individuals through personal and professional development

In June new club officers are elected. It is so easy to expect someone else to step up and be a candidate for one of the roles. Have you ever considered that instead of “passing the bucket” grab it and run with it? Have you considered being a club officer?

Taking a club officer role is a great way to sharpen your leadership skills; it does not require any previous experience or membership length, and most importantly, you are developing those skills in a safe environment with mentors and a whole club to support you.

To make it a little easier, here a summary of the roles:


Sets the tone for the club gives supportive leadership for all of the club’s activities and assume responsibility for the progress and welfare of the club. Motivates, makes peace and facilitates as required. Steps in to make difficult decisions, consulting club members and officers. Is respectful.

The club president is the chief executive officer and is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the club.


As an educational program, the VPE is the second most important role in the club. Thre VPE schedules members’ speeches, verifies completion of projects and answers questions about the education program, speech contests, and the club mentor program. The VPE is also in charge of the agenda and the educational awards. Sounds a bit too much? Leaders are great delegators!


Promotes the club and manage the process of transforming guests into members. The VPM welcomes new guest and provides the information they need to join. The VPM monitors membership levels and processes the membership paperwork; and strategizes with the rest of the executive committee about how to overcome membership challenges when they occur.


Promotes the club to the local community and notifies the media about the club’s existence and the benefits it provides. Part of the work is to update web content and use social media to promote the club, safeguarding the Toastmasters brand identity throughout.


Maintains all club records, manages club files, handles club correspondence, and takes minutes at each club and executive committee meeting. Also in charge of updating and distributing a roster of the current paid membership and keeping the club officer list current for Toastmasters International.


Is the club’s accountant. Manages the club’s bank account, writing checks as approved by the executive committee and depositing membership dues payments and other club revenues. Also submits membership dues payments to World Headquarters (accompanied by the names of renewing members), filing necessary tax documents and keeping timely, accurate, up-to-date financial records for the club.

Treasurer’s duties are usually not the most demanding of all the club leadership positions, the consequences for members can be serious when they’re not completed accurately and on time.


Keeps track of the club’s physical property: banner, lectern, timing device, and other meeting materials. Arrives early to prepare the meeting space and stays late to stow all of the club’s equipment. Also responsible for the meeting place itself, obtaining a new space when necessary and maintaining contact with the venue sponsor.

The sergeant at arms also plays a role during business meetings, speech contests, and other special club events.

Are you curious? Talk to one of the officers at the next meeting you attend.

This week we will have our elections and if you want to be a candidate for this year, attend the meeting and you can be nominated from the floor!